Sky Warranty Leads

Sky Warranty Leads

Sky Warranty Leads are one of our specialties which we have been selling for years.

  • Accuracy to make sure you spend time speaking with the right prospects.
  • High Contact Rates to keep your people selling all day.
  • Reliable deliveries to help you easily plan your sales activities.
  • Fair pricing to boost your profits.

If you're looking to buy Sky Warranty Leads, you're in the right place

Our database consists of leads where the consumer has answered a simple question confirming that they watch sky TV through a satellite dish. The majority of our leads for this lead set have been generated via telephone survey. We already know the consumer is open to receiving telephone calls and we have already confirmed their telephone number as being live. Generating leads in this manner gets a high level of accuracy and ensures good contact rates for when you are calling them so your sales people can spend more time selling!

Our Sky warranty leads database consists of first usage, second usage and list rental.

  • First Usage
    Leads where the consumer has recently confirmed they have a satellite dish and we haven't sold that lead since the consumer last confirmed this information with us.
  • Second Usage
    Second use means the data has only been sold once as First Usage so you would be the second company to buy that lead from us.
  • List Rental
    These are leads that cannot be sold as first usage or second usage leads however this does not mean they have been sold multiple times before.
  • Second usage data is available 60 days after the data has been sold as first usage. We have this exclusivity period in place to protect the first usage buyer's sales activity and to also make sure the consumer isn't being contacted too often for the same reason.

We can also arrange for you to be the main sponsor for the Sky warranty data question in one of the surveys so you get fresh first usage data delivered to you every day.

No matter whether you're interested in buying fresh sky warranty data, first usage, second use or list rental, it's worth contacting us to see how we can help!

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