PMI Leads (Private Medical Insurance Leads)

PMI Leads

Good performing PMI leads is key to a happy private medical insurance sales team and this is why our PMI leads set is so popular!

Our experience over the years of generating PMI leads has allowed us to home in on a winning question set that delivers private medical insurance leads that work.

  • Telephone survey responders
  • Have confirmed they have private medical insurance
  • Confirmed name, address and telephone number
  • Whole of UK or Postcode specific
  • Opted in to be contacted about a PMI

Step 1 - Telephone Survey

We conduct short telephone surveys with consumers throughout the UK. The survey is open to ages between 18 and 80 and across all demographics to make sure we get a true reflection of each marketplace. At the beginning of the call we state the purpose of the call and advice the prospect that they will receive marketing calls based on their answers to the survey question. If the prospect agrees to this, we confirm basic information with them :

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Home ownership
  • Teir age bracket

Step 2 - Survey Logic

Once we know which age bracket the prospect is in, our survey logic adjusts to ask whether or not the prospect already has a private pension. The age logic we normally use for PMI leads is 45-80 but some clients prefer 35-80

Step 3 - Profile & Opt In

  • We make it clear to the prospect that answering the next set of questions will result in contact about a private medical insurance comparison.
  • We ask our set of refined PMI questions which allows us to double check the prospect has PMI and isn’t confused with company PMI or the nhs.
  • We ask for the name of their PMI company.

Our PMI leads question set has been refined over a number of years through client feedback and consulting work we have conducted based around this product.

Step 4 - Quality Verification

Collectively, all surveys conducted are subjected to a two tier quality process using proven sample methodology to check quality on site and then to use a third party quality team to sample check again offsite. This allows us to keep standards high and have confidence in the products we sell.

Step 5 - Deliveries

Each day we export your leads from our server and create a submission file as per your requirements with each prospects details within it, this can either be in excel, .csv or .text format. We will then make this file available to you via a secure transfer which can include upload to your database, post string or file transfer where the file is sent directly to you. Once we have sent you your data we tag each record in our system with an exclusivity period to make sure the pension review leads do not get sold more than once within that period.

We aim to delivery all leads to you before 10am each day Monday to Friday and within 2 to 3 working days of generating the leads.

Making the Difference

When you buy PMI leads from us, we are always keen to be able to build a natural link between the information you receive and your opening script. Once we are able to establish this link, you will find that our PMI leads normally perform higher than average against other PMI leads purchased at the same price..

Feedback is always key to building a successful relationship and it goes both ways. Our aim is to become a long term reliable provider to you so the sooner we can understand each other's process, the sooner we can concentrate on higher production and you can concentrate on growing your business in confidence.

Our PMI Leads database consists of first use, second use and list rental.

  • First Use
    Leads where the prospect has qualified as per our PMI leads criteria and we haven't sold that lead from that survey instance before or within the exclusivity period set on other private medical insurance leads.
  • Second Use
    Second use means the private medical insurance leads has only been sold once as First Use so you would be the second company to buy that lead from us.
  • List Rental
    These are leads that cannot be sold as first use or second use leads however this does not mean they have been sold multiple times before.
  • Second use PMI leads are normally available 90 days after the data has been sold as first use. We have this exclusivity period in place to protect the first use buyer's sales activity and to also make sure the consumer isn't being contacted too often for the same reason.
  • We can also arrange for you to be the main sponsor for the private medical insurance leads question in one of the surveys so you get fresh first use leads delivered to you every day.

No matter whether you're interested in buying fresh PMI leads, first use, second use or list rental, it's worth contacting us to see how we can help!

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