Insurance Leads

If you’re looking for insurance leads, we’ve got them all!

Our insurance leads are generated via intelligent question sets that the consumer freely answers. This allows us to profile the most suitable insurance leads for you and also judge "buyer's intent".

We generate thousands of exclusive insurance leads each week!

Our insurance leads have great contact rates because they are mainly generated over the telephone. We can also vouch for the accuracy of the insurance leads due to the multi layered approach we have to quality checking our supply.

We know that if we deliver what we say we'll deliver, we stand a very good chance of winning your business long term!

When generating life insurance leads we already know the best consumer profile to ask our life insurance question to. This allows us to generate high volumes of accurate life insurance leads. Depending on which kind of insurance data you require we can either offer consumers who already have life insurance and the company they are with or we can offer profiled list rental insurance data.

We ascertain whether the consumer currently has medical insurance and then double check to make sure that their medical insurance is private medical insurance and not through their company. Our private medical insurance leads are accurate and in most cases we are also able to supply the consumer’s current private medical insurance supplier's name.

Home Insurance Leads

There are two kinds of home insurance leads we can offer. You can either buy leads where you know which month the consumer's home insurance is due for renewal, commonly known as home insurance renewal data. Alternatively, you could buy leads where you already know which home insurance supplier the consumer has their home insurance with. This kind of data allows you to buy leads where you already know you are competitive.

When selling motor insurance you need to be in the right place at the right time, aided by a little information to smooth the way. This is why we find the best motor insurance leads in volume that perform for us are leads where you know which month the current policy is due for renewal and also the make of the car/motorbike that needs insuring.

For most people their pets are part of the family. With this in mind, it is very common for pet owners to take out pet insurance to make sure that their pets get the treatment they need if and when needed. We find that being able to supply you the type of pet, age and name of the pet is all the information you need to be able to start a conversation with a pet owner. Our pet leads are accurate and have had excellent feedback!

Our insurance leads have been successfully tried and tested by many companies over the years resulting in large continuous orders.

  • Telephone survey responders
  • Confirmed name and address
  • Landline or mobile numbers
  • Whole of UK or Postcode specific
  • Opted in to be contacted about an insurance quote

To maximise your returns we suggest sharing feedback and dispositions with us on the data you buy from us so we can build the best lead sets possible for your team. In our experience all teams are different so this is a bespoke profiling service we offer!

Our Insurance Leads database consists of first use, second use and list rental.

Insurance leads where the consumer has recently met criteria we haven't sold that lead since the consumer last confirmed this information with us.

We can also arrange for you to be the main sponsor for an insurance question in one of the surveys so you get fresh first usage leads delivered to you every day.s

Second use means the leads have only been sold once as First Usage so you would be the second company to buy that lead from us.

Second use leads are normally available 60 days after the leads have been sold as first usage. We have this exclusivity period in place to protect the first usage buyer's sales activity and to also make sure the consumer isn't being contacted too often for the same reason.

Leads that cannot be sold as first usage or second use leads however this does not mean they have been sold multiple times before.

No matter whether you're interested in buying fresh insurance leads, first use, second use or list rental, it's worth contacting us to see how we can help!

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